Clearspace Fellowship and Collective.

Clearspace fellowship is designed for organisations to collaborate and explore the future.

Explore and Accelerate

You'll discuss the hard problems facing your organisation, and co-design solutions through sprints and deep-dive projects. Your team will get hands-on experience in our collaborative innovation process, insights into emerging tech and trends, and opportunities for future growth that you can take forward toward the market.

Design, Prototype, and Learn

As an individual participant, Clearspace Fellowships are a chance to hone your design, tech, and business skills along with a diverse group of academics, professional designers, and corporate innovators. Fellowships run multiple times per year for periods of 1-8 weeks. Sign up to get notified when applications open for ClearKathons.

Accelerating Ventures

Join us as an Entrepreneur, Startup in Residence, or Corporate Venture in Residence. Together with a tight-knit network of founders, enterprises, and funds, we use to design and emerging technology to accelerate ventures into the market.

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