We’re taking on some of the worlds most challenging problems.

We build and launch technology innovations that aim to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

What if we could provide universal access to healthcare for everyone?

Serenity Health brings immediate, high quality, and affordable primary care to insured, uninsured, and underinsured small business owners and their employees.

What if your home is smart enough to take care of you and itself?

With Sonar's built in voice assistant - Elsie, you can ask questions, control connected devices in your home - all by just asking. Enjoy seamless technology that makes everyday living simpler and more exciting.

How can we protect the ocean but feed millions of people sustainably?

We are using Artificial Intelligence to design a thriving artificial reef system along the Western coast of Africa from Senegal to Angola to support long term sustainable supply of food for Africa.

What if innovation was a place?

Senseble Work - workspaces that foster innovation and creativity - work from anywhere

We build and facilitate a global research and design community and engage them in our projects to accelerate our mission.


Our approach is designed for organizations to collaborate (physical and virtual) and explore the future.


We research the societal, environmental, and technical shifts likely to impact people’s everyday lives.


We design inclusive, circular and digitally-enabled solutions for people and the planet.


We build and facilitate a state of the art facility and community of a diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs in our projects to accelerate our mission.

Clearspace Fellowship and Collective

Clearspace fellowship is designed for organizations to collaborate and explore the future.